One Day at a Time - 1x11 Pride & Prejudice
iZombie - 3x08 Eat a Knievel
Shots Fired - 1x10 Hour Ten: Last Dance
Great News - 1x08 Celebrity Hacking Scandal
The 100 - 4x13 Praimfaya
The Handmaid's Tale - 1x07 The Other Side
Making History - 1x09 Body Trouble
Pretty Little Liars - 7x15 In The Eye Abides The Heart
Outcast - 2x08 Mercy
Great News - 1x07 The Red Door
American Housewife - 1x23 Can't Hide It Anymore
Lucifer - 2x17 Sympathy for the Goddess
The White Princess - 1x06 English Blood on English Soil
American Gods - 1x04 Git Gone
Trial & Error - 1x11 Chapter Eleven: Unusual Suspect
The OA - 1x03 Champion
One Day at a Time - 1x10 Sex Talk
The Originals - 4x09 Queen Death
Shots Fired - 1x09 Hour Nine: Come to Jesus
Designated Survivor - 1x21 Brace for Impact
Private Eyes - 1x10 Family Jewels
Great News - 1x06 Serial Arsonist
Private Eyes - 1x09 Disappearing Act
Private Eyes - 1x08 I Do, I Do
Private Eyes - 1x07 Karaoke Confidential
Private Eyes - 1x06 Partners in Crime
Private Eyes - 1x05 The Six
Private Eyes - 1x04 The Devil's Playground