Shots Fired - 1x06 Hour Six: The Fire This Time
Riverdale - 1x11 Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale And Back Again
The Handmaids's Tale - 1x03 Late
Making History - 1x06 The Godfriender
The Handmaids's Tale - 1x02 Birth Day
The 100 - 4x09 DNR
iZombie - 3x04 Wag the Tongue Slowly
The Handmaids's Tale - 1x01 Offred
Pretty Little Liars - 7x12 These Boots Are Made For Stalking
Outcast - 2x04 The One I'd Be Waiting For
Trial & Error - 1x08 Chapter Eight: A Change in Defense
Quantico - 2x19 MHORDER
American Housewife - 1x20 The Walk
The White Princess - 1x02 Hearts and Minds
Once Upon a Time - 6x18 Where Bluebirds Fly
One Day at a Time - 1x06 The Death of Mrs. Resnick
The Magicians - 2x13 We Have Brought You Little Cakes
Shots Fired - 1x05 Hour Five: Before the Storm
Designated Survivor - 1x17 The Ninth Seat
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 4x18 No Regrets
iZombie - 3x03 Eat, Pray, Liv
Pretty Little Liars - 7x11 Playtime
American Housewife - 1x19 The Polo Match
Quantico - 2x18 KUMONK
Outcast - 2x03 Not My Job to Judge
The White Princess - 1x01 In Bed With The Enemy
Still The King - 1x07 The King Has Left The Building
Once Upon a Time - 6x17 Awake
Designated Survivor - 1x18 Lazarus
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