The Magicians - 3x07 Poached Eggs
Another Period - 3x04 The Love Boat
Kevin (Probably) Saves The World - 1x14 Old Friends
The Alienist - 1x05 Hildebrandt's Starling
One Day at a Time - 2x03 To Zir, With Love
The Magicians - 3x06 Do You Like Teeth?
Another Period - 3x03 Olympics
The Alienist - 1x04 These Bloody Thoughts
Altered Carbon - 1x10 The Killers
Altered Carbon - 1x09 Rage in Heaven
One Day at a Time - 2x02 Schooled
Altered Carbon - 1x08 Clash by Night
Altered Carbon - 1x07 Nora Inu
The Magicians - 3x05 A Life in the Day
Supernatural - 13x13 Devil's Bargain
How To Get Away With Murder - 4x12 Ask Him About Stella
Lethal Weapon - 2x15 An Inconvenient Ruth
Altered Carbon - 1x06 Man With My Face
Kevin (Probably) Saves The World - 1x13 Fishtail
Riverdale - 2x13 Chapter Twenty Six: The Tell-Tale Heart
Another Period - 3x02 Séance
Altered Carbon - 1x05 The Wrong Man
This Is Us - 2x15 The Car
Altered Carbon - 1x04 Force of Evil
Lucifer - 3x14 My Brother's Keeper
The Alienist - 1x03 Silver Smile
Taken - 2x04 OPSEC
Altered Carbon - 1x03 In A Lonely Place
Another Period - 3x05 Masquerade