Taken - 1x02 Ready
Wynonna Earp - 2x03 Gonna Getcha Good
Orphan Black - 5x03 Beneath Her Heart
The OA - 1x08 Invisible Self
The OA - 1x07 Empire of Light
The Mist - 1x03 Show and Tell
The OA - 1x06 Forking Paths
The OA - 1x05 Paradise
The Mist - 1x02 Withdrawal
The Mist - 1x01 Pilot
iZombie - 3x12 Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1
Queen Sugar - 2x01 After the Winter
Blood Drive - 1x02 Welcome To Pixie Swallow
The Bold Type - 1x01 Pilot
Pretty Little Liars - 7x19 Farewell, My Lovely
Stitchers - 3x03 Perfect
Still Star-Crossed - 1x03 All The World's a Stage
Still The King - 1x08 Mother Trucker
Wynonna Earp - 2x02 Shed Your Skin
American Gods - 1x08 Come to Jesus
The OA - 1x04 Away
Orphan Black - 5x02 Clutch of Greed
Taken - 1x01 Pilot
The Originals - 4x12 Voodoo Child
Blood Drive - 1x01 The F*cking Cop
iZombie - 3x11 Conspiracy Weary
The Handmaid's Tale - 1x10 Night
The Originals - 4x11 A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken
Preacher - 2x01 On The Road
Queen Sugar - 2x02 To Usward