Lethal Weapon - 2x07 Birdwatching
Great News - 2x05 Night of the Living Screen
American Housewife - 2x07 Family Secrets
This Is Us - 2x09 Number Two
Marvel's Runaways - 1x03 Destiny
Marvel's Runaways - 1x02 Rewind
Lucifer - 3x08 Chloe Does Lucifer
Marvel's Runaways - 1x01 Reunion
Ghosted - 1x07 Ghost Studz
Chance - 2x08 An Infant, a Brute or a Wild Beast
Outlander - 3x10 Heaven & Earth
Vice Principals - 2x09 The Union of the Wizard & The Warrior
The Exorcist - 2x07 Help Me
Once Upon a Time - 7x08 Pretty in Blue
Once Upon a Time - 7x07 Eloise Gardener
Queen Sugar - 2x15 Copper Sun
Young Sheldon - 1x04 A Therapist, a Comic Book and a Breakfast Sausage
Supernatural - 13x06 Tombstone
How To Get Away With Murder - 4x08 Live. Live. Live.
Lethal Weapon - 2x06 Gold Rush
Designated Survivor - 2x07 Family Ties
Riverdale - 2x06 Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof
This Is Us - 2x08 Number One
Kevin (Probably) Saves The World - 1x07 Dave
American Horror Story - 7x11 Great Again
Lucifer - 3x07 Off the Record
Vice Principals - 2x08 Venetian Nights
Great News - 2x04 Award Show
Queen Sugar - 2x16 Dream Variations
Supernatural - 13x07 War of the Worlds
Young Sheldon - 1x05 A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball and a Cheerleader's Bosom
Chance - 2x09 A Madness of Two