The Handmaid's Tale - 2x02 Unwomen
The Handmaid's Tale - 2x01 June
The 100 - 5x01 Eden
Deception - 1x06 The Black Arts
Lucifer - 3x21 Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better
Timeless - 2x06 The King of the Delta Blues
Killing Eve - 1x03 Don't I Know You
The Royals - 4x07 Forgive Me This My Virtue
Westworld - 2x01 Journey Into Night
One Day at a Time - 2x12 Citizen Lydia
The Terror - 1x09 The C, the C, the Open C
Taken - 2x11 Password
Once Upon a Time - 7x18 The Guardian
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 5x18 All Roads Lead...
Designated Survivor - 2x18 Kirkman Agonistes
Supernatural - 13x19 Funeralia
Young Sheldon - 1x19 Gluons, Guacamole and the Color Purple
Lethal Weapon - 2x19 Leo Getz Hitched
Krypton - 1x05 House of Zod
The Originals - 5x01 Where You Left Your Heart
Riverdale - 2x18 Chapter Thirty One: A Night to Remember
The Terror - 1x08 Terror Camp Clear
Lucifer - 3x20 The Angel of San Bernardino
Killing Eve - 1x02 I'll Deal with Him Later
Timeless - 2x05 The Kennedy Curse
American Housewife - 2x21 It's Not You, It's Me
The Royals - 4x06 My News Shall Be The Fruit To That Great Feast
One Day at a Time - 2x11 Homecoming
The Terror - 1x10 We are gone
In revisione
Lethal Weapon - 2x20 Jesse's Girl
Deception - 1x07 Sacrifice 99 to Fool One