The Bold Type - 1x07 Three Girls in a Tub
Midnight, Texas - 1x04 Sexy Beast
Game of Thrones - 7x06 Death is the Enemy
Insecure - 2x04 Hella LA
Preacher - 2x09 Puzzle Piece
Stitchers - 3x10 Maternis
Teen Wolf - 6x13 After Images
Game of Thrones - 7x05 Eastwatch
Taken - 1x07 Solo
Orphan Black - 5x10 To Right the Wrongs of Many
The Mist - 1x08 The Law of Nature
Room 104 - 1x03 The Knockadoo
Wynonna Earp - 2x10 I See a Darkness
The Last Tycoon - 1x07 A More Perfect Union
Younger - 4x07 Fever Pitch
Blood Drive - 1x09 The Chopsocky Special
Time After Time - 1x12 Skin Deep
The Bold Type - 1x06 The Breast Issue
Midnight, Texas - 1x03 Lemuel, Unchained
Stitchers - 3x09 Kill It Forward
Preacher - 2x08 Holes
Insecure - 2x03 Hella Open
Teen Wolf - 6x12 Raw Talent
Orphan Black - 5x09 One Fettered Slave
Wynonna Earp - 2x09 Forever Mine Nevermind
Room 104 - 1x02 Pizza Boy
The Last Tycoon - 1x06 A Brady-American Christmas
Game of Thrones - 7x04 The Spoils of War